Forró Festival Alegria do Norte (24-26th July 2020), general description

The festival will consist of three parties (24th, 25h, and 26th of July), which will last for 5 hours on average, and 2 full days of 8 workshops each (13h and 14th of July).

Expected number of participants: 70-100 people.
Number of guest teachers: 4
Number of DJs: 3
Number of bands: 2

  1. Form of agreement
    1.1 Organisation Forró Stockholm is inviting the Teacher to join us in Stockholm Forró Festival Alegria do Norte between 24th-26th July 2020.
    1,2 The Teacher will be offered to give dance classes during the festival. The Teacher will carry out its tasks assigned to them by Forró in Stockholm as laid out below.
  1. Hours
    1. The Teacher is expected to teach 3 workshops during the festival, each of them 1 hour 15 min long.
  1. Payment and other benefits
    1. The Teacher will be paid 80 Euro per class receivable within 7 days after the lessons.
    2. The Teacher will be provided free access to the workshops and parties during the festival.
    3. The Teacher’s travel expenses such as flight tickets, transfer to and from the airport, local transport in Stockholm) will be paid by Forró Stockholm.
    4. The Teacher will be provided accommodation with one of the Forró Stockholm members or volunteers.
    5. The Teacher will be provided meals during the festival, upon arrival and departure.
  1. External engagements
    The Teacher is free to engage in external activities if it does not interfere with its assigned responsibilities.
  1. Travel arrangements
    1. Forró in Stockholm will suggest possible flights and cover their cost for the Teacher. These arrangements, together with airport of origin transfer costs, will be made separately from this agreement and communicated via email.
    2. The Teacher’s airport transfer costs in Stockholm will be covered by Forró Stockholm (pickup or a bus ticket from/to Arlanda or Skavsta airport).
    3. Public transportation in Stockholm will be covered within a range of 30 euro.
  1. Confidentiality
    1. The Teacher shall not reveal to any third party the terms of this agreement unless it has been agreed upon with Forró Stockholm
    2. The Teacher shall not use information in any manner which might injure or cause loss either directly or indirectly to Forró Stockholm.
    3. These restrictions shall continue to apply after the termination of this Agreement for one year.
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