We are looking forward to meeting new friends and dancing with you! Bring your lovely vibe to the mix and let us celebrate life together!

Stockholm Forró Festival 2020

Pro tip: many hotels and hostels on offer 24-hour free cancellation, which means you can book it now and cancel 24 hours before the reservation date. Just make sure to filter on the free cancellation when searching.

Stockholm Forró Festival 2020

Airbnb is also an option with a variety of smaller and bigger apartments around the city. If you are looking to share with a bigger group, the price can be very reasonable.

Stockholm Forró Festival 2020
Our Facebook group

For couchsurfing with forrozeiros/as, we recommend you to post on our group, Forró & Samba de Gafieira Sweden, on Facebook.

PS! We do not have any agreements with and Airbnb.

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